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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Update 5-6-20 Covid-19 Delays and updated schedule
18 days ago – Thu, May 07, 2020 at 06:34:56 PM

Greetings Game Topper Nation!!!

Our best hope is that you are all well! Words cannot properly express my gratitude for all the kind, thoughtful words of encouragement and understanding during this Global situation.  The Burky's have not been idle as you will see in this update. There has been very little down time for us. Thankfully we live in Rural MN where we have been able to be very safe and implement social distancing in our 5000 square ft facility and implement extra cleaning and hygiene procedures. There is no one (except you, lol) that want to get our products out into your homes than me. 

We are all living in a new reality. Even though we have had some delays due to covid-19 related issues with supply chain, I want to assure you that we anticipate no major issues with our products getting to you. There have been understandable delays, but we will fulfill everyone. Many of you that have shared your recent deliveries and fun experiences on the Game Topper Nation Facebook group. If you haven't joined yet please do. Lots of fun pictures and ideas. Please, no customer support questions there.

We have so many products. I want to make this update concise and hopefully cover most situations. Here we go...  

  • Mat Only Pledges:

We have fulfilled all "MAT Only" pledges in Dec. domestically. (Over 1500 units) People love our game mats!! I am so proud of them all just like my kids.  If you place an order for mats, which you can do through the late pledge manager, they ship out in 2-3 business days and you can still take advantage of the specials we had during the Kickstarter campaign. We were going to change the prices, but decided to wait to give our backer more time to take advantage of add-ons if they wanted at the discounted prices and to include those  backers in the EU, Canada and Australia the same opportunity for their shipments. Mat only pledges for international backers will ship in when those containers leave towards end of June.

  • Standard Toppers:

I are happy to report,  we have fulfilled to all Domestic Standard black powder coated, Lestrade, Adler, Watson, Holmes, Moriarty and Mycroft Game Topper segments. This includes the popular Standard Scotland Yard, Bakerstreet and Riechenbach Falls Packages. Please Note: Many of these were sent out as partial fulfillment ...meaning everything we had on hand shipped out. Other items, mainly cup holder and accessories dice towers, trays, poker chip trays and mat racks will be shipping out separately in June.SEE ACCESSORY UPDATE BELOW: (All should be accounted for, but if for some reason you have not received a tracking email on the above listed toppers please email us at Note: SEE international update below:


  • Holmes Toppers:

YAY !!!!!! Today, we just received our Lux Oak and Premium Walnut Holmes Toppers.

We expect that by next wed all of these will be sent out and associated Leaf bundles and Rail kits including Bakerstreet Packages. They should be in your home in two weeks or less. You should receive an email tracking number. Please Note: Many of these will be sent out as partial fulfillment ...meaning everything we have on hand will shipped out. Other items, mainly cup holder and accessories dice towers, trays, poker chip trays and mat racks will be shipping out separately in June.SEE ACCESSORY UPDATE BELOW: (any questions or concerns please email us at Note: SEE international update below:

  • Watson Toppers:

We expect to receive our Lux Oak and Premium Walnut Watson Toppers by Friday May 15th.

We expect that will take us 1 week to pull these pledges and associated Leaf bundles and Rail kits including Scotland Yard Packages. They should be in your home by the end of May or less. You should receive an email tracking number. Please Note: These also will be sent out as partial fulfillment ...meaning everything we have on hand will shipped out. Other items, mainly cup holder and accessories dice towers, trays, poker chip trays and mat racks will be shipping out separately in June.SEE ACCESSORY UPDATE BELOW: (any questions or concerns please email us at Note: SEE international update below:

  •  Sculpted Viking and Dragon Rail Watson and Holmes Toppers:

Dogmight Games is supplying us those parts for us to assemble. As many of you know, they are in Michigan and the restrictions put on businesses there have been very stringent. This has disrupted them significantly. Please support them!  A good portion of the order was ready for finishing when the shut down happened. The owners have assured me that they will be working on the order personally and finishing our product as soon as possible and that it is a high priority to them. These are some of my dearest friends in the hobby and they have never let me down before. We have a goal of receiving them the end of this month, but that is not a guarantee, but they will come.

This affects our international shipments as well. We must have these parts before we can release the order. We are on it, but life is what it is now. Rest assured we will do all we can to expedite everything.


Cup Holders and expandable cup inserts:

As you know this has been a very difficult situation when we lost our vendor.   Thankfully, we found a great partner in Wisconsin to work with. I believe this ultimately will work out for good as we have now developed and improved our products. I'm trilled with them, and I think you know the standard I expect. Then Covid-19 happened and yup, Wisconsin got shut down too. In spite of that, we are expecting the molds completed in the next weeks and production to begin and final proofing before the end of May and shipping first part of June. These will be sen to all domestic backers in a separate package. 

These should all be ready for our international orders. Here are a couple of pics.

New larger footprint expandable cup insert for single and double cup holder. dishwasher safe and durable.
Single cup holder with improved component well.
Double Tray with component wells

Dice Tower Accessories:

I am in love with these parts. I think you will like them. We have made some upgrades and improvements.

We have enlarged the dice accessory tray so the wells are bigger to hold more items and incorporated a privacy screen channel so we can produce privacy screens in the future that simply fit in the channels. These can be many different kind of themes we  can come up with.

Fist prototype new improved dice accessory tray. (Like my drawing lol it sucks... but you get the idea.)
Castle Dice Tower, Dice coral, Rail leg kit and dice accessory tray.

We also improved the poker chip tray to not only attach on the rail with the rail leg kits, but also plug into our rail system. So cool!!! I love it!

Poker chip trays with rail leg kit
Poker chip tray inserted in the rail. We lengthened this slightly to extend a bit more from the rail.

Note: Viking Dice Towers

We do a have a problem, I need to discuss. We found out the Viking Dice Tower was not designed in a way that could be mold injected like I was led to believe. I spent many days working with the new engineers to see what could be done.  It was very illuminating. The good was it allowed us to innovate and develop the new castle tower and improved dice accessory tray that allows the tower to sit in the tray easily and securely. This was not the case with the viking version. It's very complicated.  The mold to make this the way it was designed with all the back cuts would have been prohibitive and  undo-able. The mold alone would be $40,000 with all the back cuts. It was very frustrating to learn this.

The long and short of it is... if you pledge for a Viking tower we can exchange to the new castle tower no problem. In addition, we also want to make a $30.00 Game Topper credit accommodation to you. Perhaps to get a set of privacy screens when developed. I'm very sorry about this problem. I am exploring other Thematic laser cut options in the future for dice towers that will fit nicely in our tray. Please let me know by email if this acceptable at  and we will take care of you and make this right for you. If this is unacceptable we will refund you the pledge or give you credit.

Mat Racks:

As many of you recall the first prototypes of the JJ Burkton and the Lord Burkton were of Epvc material. This proved to work fine, but a felt a bit flimsy to me. My manufacture referred me to a company that does an innovative powder-coat 3/4 MDF wood process. This proved also to be an huge improvement in look and design. The new powder coat finish is amazing!!! We were able to improve the assembly by making a "cam driven" system. Easy to assemble, and much stronger and more sturdy. I think they are fantastic and proud to have our name on them!

Currently, ( i hate to say that) these are scheduled to arrive at after Memorial Day. Our packaging company in South Dakota is working  on getting the packaging to us in time. This is the only bottle neck I foresee in not being able to get them out by mid June. If you have an order in, it is not too late to add one of these beauties.

4 hole JJ. Burkton
Lord Burkton 6 hole with two rods for smaller mats
Cam system. easy to install with a Phillips head screw driver and small mallet.

Lastly, to those of you that have Gen 1 toppers and pledged for leaf extension bundles that I sent emails to about 6 weeks ago, I am still working on this due to the aforementioned delays. they have caused that to not happen as intended. I am very sorry. I will be reconciling those emails and sending you confirmation emails on the time line individually as I get that done. Please sit tight. Honestly, it may not happen for about 2-3 weeks until the current segments get shipped out.

I know everyone knows that this Covid-19 situation has disrupted life. For us as well. Overall we were doing so well. Many people received their toppers way ahead of schedule, but sadly some did not. Other than your personal well being, nothing would make me happier that to get all these great gaming upgrades into your hands! We will do it, you have my commitment on that. We continue to give it our all! 

My son Josiah, has done an amazing job. I am very proud of him and I know many of you have been the beneficiaries of his thoughtful care. Thank you for your continued support and kind understanding as we push forward.  We never really lose unless we give up. Stay in the fight everyone! Better days are ahead and we will be alright.

As always, please feel free to contact us at or


Stay well.

Burky and team.

A couple of games we recently got to play on the Watson Walnut Topper and a backer video from BJ Shea showing off his Mycroft. Thanks BJ!

Taverns of Tiefenthal by Northstar Game s on the Fantasy may at Walnut Watson

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a....table with a sheet on top of it?!? Watch BJ’s big reveal below!

Posted by BJ & Migs on Friday, April 17, 2020
Runes Stones by Queen Games

Shipping update 3-31-20
about 2 months ago – Wed, Apr 01, 2020 at 03:26:16 AM

Greetings Game Topper Nation!  

Quick Update: 

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and all your families in this crazy unprecedented time.

Sorry for the delay on update, but there is a lot going on now and I’m trying to compile a lot of info from several sources so I can update our timelines. I will be putting a more exhaustive update soon on specifics, but its complicated and am working on it.

Sadly, this virus has disrupted many of my supply chain. Thankfully it’s all domestic, but as you know we are under it now. MN declared stay at home till April 10th.

We just received part of the 200 Mycrofts. 62 go out Tuesday. 37 more by the end of the week, then we have lots of uncertainty about timeliness. We are in rural MN where we currently have no cases. We have a 5000 sq ft building with mostly two at the shop (three when I show up) shipping each day. We are practicing clean hygiene and facility cleaning. 

We have very little outside interaction except UPS and regional truck incoming. 

We only use our pallet jacks to unload and we do not even share pens when signing items then we disinfect our hands and equipment We are very deliberate about this. We feel we are being responsible given our situation. 

My manufacture is amazing and have such great respect for them. They have invented a safety shield for hospitals and are now producing 4000 units for local hospitals. They also are make protection cash register shields for Target and Walgreens. We fully commend and support this!!!

They are very short staffed and do not have all of these essential employees working due to family day care and sickness’s. That put them behind on our order. That said, I have the owners commitment to fulfill our order as soon as possible. So are we! So no worries, just timelines are not clear.

I’m working on an update . We will fulfill, but there are delays for some segments. I am hopeful that by early May domestic orders will be mostly shipped. If we have a longer lock down past April 10 th it may take longer. As always we will do our best. 

Please stay safe, better days ahead!! Love you all! Thank you for your understanding!

Burky and team

for fun.....

Good news on accessories and shipping update. 3-3-20
3 months ago – Wed, Mar 04, 2020 at 03:05:45 AM

Greetings Game Topper Nation!

Again, I can’t thank you all for all your support, kind words and understanding as we work to delivery all these amazing gaming upgrades.

I have some very positive good news to report! When we found out about the  Daedalus closure and inability to provide us with molded products, we moved into high gear vetting two new mold injection companies. This has proved very enlightening and when all is said and done, I think will work out very positive. In working with the new mold provider, we have made some improvements on accessories and should have samples within less than 2 weeks. I have already seen a some sample prototypes. I have the new mold being made on the new Game Topper expandable cupholder design.  If all goes well, we could see product as early as 6 - 8 weeks I’m being told. I am very encouraged and think this will be a big win for all of us. I’ll show you these new innovations as I have more information.

Likewise, I toured the powder coat factory for the mat racks. Again, very encouraging seeing the process and quality upgrade this will provide. I think you will love these parts.

Topper delivery schedule update:

I like to be detailed to give everybody clarification, but there are so many moving parts and details that I can’t always give reliable intel.

For instance...Last week, we found out that our foam packaging parts were delayed and did not arrive at our manufacture, (we had 150 Watson’s ready to package at our manufacturer) in addition, the corrugate packaging parts arrived almost a week later than we were told due to shipping issues they had. This caused a cascading delay. I continued to press everybody for information without timely success, thus apologies for a delayed response from me. 

I know that slight delay causes disappointment for some. I’m so sorry for this, it’s the last thing I want, but truth is I simply cannot control some of these things. I’ll own my mistakes and take responsibility for them, but I just want you to know how much we care about this project and push everyday to do the best we possibly can.

We currently have delivered over 1100 packages, that gives me a lot of really great feelings to outperform what we said. We are still very close on the rest.

Basically we are about 1-to 2 weeks behind on Topper segments than what I said in the last update.

Good news we have received the Standard Watson’s and they are starting to ship. You should see address update notifications prior to each segment going out and then an email verification.

Our shop is filling up.

Please note: Once we start receiving each different type of Topper product, we need 3-4 days to prepare for shipping and alert backers with a Backerkit email to verify your shipping address. When you receive that, generally it means we will start kitting orders. We project each segment will takes us a week or so to pick. (Some segments are bigger than others) then it will take 7- 14 days from when we start pick before it actually will arrive to you.

If you ordered a new topper ...and a rail bundle or leaf bundle these other items will ship generally up to 2 weeks later. The reason for this is our software and partial fulfillment situation with cup holders and accessories being delayed. This was a huge issue that is costing us a lot of money and trouble. Long and short of it, we ship all the stuff that was designed to go in the box that we have in stock. Then once we finish the segment. Example: standard Watson’s, then we pull the leaf and rail bundles for these associated pledges (that are in stock for Gen 2 orders) and ship them. Then we move on to the next segment and do it again.

Jan 28th. Adler Topper orders shipped out. Fulfilled!

Miscellaneous Partial fulfillment of in-warehouse items being shipped. (Mostly extra mat orders without accessories, storage bags Fulfilled!

Note: Gen 1 backers that ordered leaf bundles for Gen 1 Topper. We sent out a separate email to each of these affected to explain the process of this fulfillment as it applies to a much smaller group. This is a correction to our latest update that we expected to ship Gen 2 partial fulfillment. If you did not get the email from or have not responded please do so as soon as possible.

Feb 11th   Standard Lestrade segment to ship Fulfilled!Note: Other Lux Oak and Walnut Lestrade’s will ship simultaneously with the Lux Oak and Walnut Holmes topper segments.

Feb 28th Standard Watson’s arrived at our warehouse. Yay!!!

1. Watson Standard Toppers  (Start shipping week of March 2nd) Standard Scotland yard packages included

2. About March 6th Standard Holmes Toppers expected to start arriving at our fulfillment center. (Start shipping about about March 11th) Standard Bakerstreet packages included

3. About March 16th Mycroft and Moriarty Toppers arrive at fulfillment center.(Start shipping about March 20th) Reichenbach Falls Packages included

4. About March 25th Lux Natural Oak and Premium Walnut Watson models arrive at fulfilment center. (Start shipping about March 30th) Lux Oak & Walnut Scotland Yard Packages included

5. About April 1st  Lux Natural Oak & Premium Walnut Holmes models arrive at fulfillment center. (Start shipping about April 3rd) Lux Oak & Walnut Bakerstreet Packages included

6. About March 20th Sculpted Viking and Dragon wood Rails arrive from Dogmight (Start shipping about April 10th) Small segment done in one day.

Note: Each segment should take about a week to process. Shipping varies depending on the distance and can take up to 7 business days. Generally less than 5 days.

International Pledges: International Pledges: We feel we may improve on these dates, but are building in some time for missing parts to arrive because we must send complete pledges on the containers.

About.......April 15th Start packaging and pulling Canadian shipment.

April 20th Canadian shipment sent to Snakes and Lattes for intra-Canada shipping.

April 22nd Start packaging European orders.

April 30th Ship container to Germany for intra-Europe shipping. At this time this includes UK deliveries. This will take approx. 5 weeks water transport.

April 30th Australia, New Zealand, and remote shipment orders pulled.

1st week of May. Australian Container Shipped. Shipping to backers at the end of May

Cupholders Accessories, mold injected accessory trays and mold injected Dice Tower Solutions look to be 6-10 weeks out.

Mat storage Racks  6 - 8 weeks out

Acrylic covers pledged for without a Gen 2 Topper pledge

6 - 8 weeks out due to new safely packaging arriving.

Gen 1 leaf backers please refer to separate email sent for more detailed update not affecting any new Gen 2 backers.

These are our current projections, they are not guarantees as things can happen that could delay this, but best guess is we can meet or exceed these deadlines.

As always I will keep you in the loop best I can.

Thank you all for continued patience and understanding as we push to get everything out accurately and with quality. Again if you can please refrain from sending us emails about where is my pledge, unless it is critical or get a private email from us, this will allow us to keep working. We are a small staff of 4 people.

After your segment estimated date has passed more than 10 days and you have not gotten any notifications, then please make sure to let us know so we can find out.

Everybody should be receiving tracking information, and or a call if you have a white glove delivery situation, and notification for verifying your mailing address.

Thank you again for all of your amazing support!

All our best Burky and team.

Shipping has begun ahead of Schedule!!!! Segment updates and important details. 2-10-20
3 months ago – Mon, Feb 10, 2020 at 10:54:22 PM

Greetings Game Topper Nation!! Update 2-10-20

We are so excited about getting these great gaming upgrades into your hands!!!! We have been working non-stop! Our lives are like 12 hour a day heavy Euro! Our team takes this very seriously and the reward of seeing all the backers experience Game Toppers drives us. We have recently unloaded all 3 of our 45ftH containers from China that contained our Mats and storage bags of all kinds. We have received 2 full Semi’s of Topper related inventory, and tested our packaging and secured delivery.

Our shop filling up with Adler Toppers, Mats, Leaf and Rails Bundles
Rails and Leafs being manufactured
Storage bags are here and are fantastic!

We have spent a crazy amount of time and money making sure we have a great packaging solution. You can’t fix stupid, but we have tried!


I wanted to show you a bit of our due diligence in making sure your package will arrive in great shape. We have so many boxes! This is a very thoughtful engineering process vetting with two box manufactures that includes upgrades for each model and product specs. It’s a very complicated set of variables for each shipping solution so I won’t bore you with these details, but we are sparing no expense to create a highly durable package that can handle some of the most rigorous delivery methods to insure a good experience for you.

Holmes Topper Drop test.

Leaf drop test.

Fulfillment Summary:

So far, most aspects of the KS are on track to be early or on time. The easy summary is… Most Topper pledges will be delivered in the next 3-6 weeks. However, we have hit a speedbump with some of our accessories. I am currently working many avenues to address this concern. (Please read under accessories to see specifics for each item and my plan for addressing each item moving forward).

The good news is we have made some considerations at our expense to deliver in-warehouse items even if there are some parts that have not arrived at the time of a particular shipping segment.Overall, I’m very pleased with the progress. Below is our best current anticipated schedule however, life happens I continually find that there things I just can’t control.

Partial Shipments:

We have worked with Backerkit and we are pleased to say that we have found a solution to send out some partial shipments ahead of the time. In fact, they went to bat for us to provide us with partial fulfillment pack list to make sure we have every tool to do this correctly.

Many of you received tracking emails stating that your order is on its way. This may mean that it is just a partial fulfillment of your pledge and the other missing items will be shipped at a later date when they arrive at our facility. Please do not be alarmed or disappointed, we are doing something in your favor by providing early delivery of some items. We made the decision to take this step because it didn’t feel right for me to hold peoples pledges just because a few items are missing. I have two major philosophies in business, 1. Treat people as I want to be treated and 2. Learn from others mistakes or successes. I rather get most of my order than wait, so it was easy for my heart to motivate me even though this is extra work and expense to us.

NOTE: If you have a package like the Scotland Yard, the Bakerstreet, or Reichenbach Falls Packages that included 2 mats, they will be shipped in the topper segment scheduled below that your pledge is in. This is part of our packaging solution. It is also likely that other items on your pledge like Leaf Bundles & Rail Bundles and any extra mats will ship about the same time as your topper ships.

Affiliate Pledges:

Sales literature is in progress to be released by the Gama trade show March 9th along with the reveal of Retail Mat Sales Program. I have been in contact with a large number of affiliates, but if you have not heard from me via telephone or email please email me at so I can help you with your individually place your  Demo Topper orders for your stores.

Our new mat swatch for retailers in development


We have successfully delivered almost 1000 mats domestically! This went very well with only 1 issue. I like it!

INTERNATIONAL “MAT ONLY” PLEDGESwill be delivered with our containers to Germany (including UK) and Australia to save on the shipping cost we quoted during the campaign. (See timelines below)

Topper Delivery:

Current Schedule: (Most items are ahead of schedule, some are on time, and a few slightly behind) Please note: Domestic orders will go out first, so we can move them through our fulfilment center quickly, making room for the next segment. All Toppers models need to be manufactured before we can custom pull all international orders and fill the containers for EU, UK and Australian fulfillment. (Estimated end or March/early April)

Shipping notifications will be sent out prior to delivery via Email. We have also secured transactional insurance on our orders as part of our delivery process. This was an extra cost to us, but we felt it would provide additional peace of mind to our backers if there are any issues during shipment.

Jan 28th

Adler Topper orders shipped out. Note: Adler pledges with PETG Acrylic covers shipping in about 1 week when we are schedule to receive them. (see accessory notes below)

Feb 3rd-7th

Miscellaneous Partial fulfillment of in-warehouse items being shipped. (Mostly extra mat orders, storage bags and some gen 1 items)

Feb 11th

Standard Lestrade segment to ship Note: Other Lux Oak and Walnut Lestrade’s will ship simultaneously with the Lux Oak and Walnut Holmes topper segments.

Leaf and Rail Packaging arrives at our warehouse. Foam pads and storage bags are inventoried.

Feb 12th

Packaging of Rail Bundles and Leaf Bundles begins. All Leaf Bundles, Rail Bundles and Storage bags are now in stock(excluding Sculpted rails for Viking and dragon pledge)

Feb 13th -18th

Leaf and Rail bundles without a Topper pledge will ship. (If you have a topper pledge, and pledged for a Leaf and/or Rail Bundle they will ship about that same time as your Topper.)

Feb 19th– 24th

Packaging arrives at our manufacturer for packaging of all Toppers.

During this week we will be packaging and preparing for larger wave Topper Segments

Note: Once we receive a segment of Toppers it takes us a couple days to start the fulfilment process so we can send out address verification notices to your email listed on Kickstarter or backerkit and start picking the orders. This is a head of our KS estimates of March, but it has taken some time for our packaging to arrive thus the new updated time schedule.

1. Feb 19thStandard Watson Toppers start arriving at our fulfillment center.

(Start shipping Feb 21th) Standard Scotland yard packages included

2. Feb 24th Standard Holmes Toppers start arriving at our fulfillment center.

(Start shipping Feb 26th) Standard Bakerstreet packages included

3. March 3rd Mycroft and Moriarty Toppers arrive at fulfillment center.

(Start shipping March 5thth)Riechenbach Falls Packages included

4. March 10th Lux Natural Oak and Premium Walnut Watson models arrive at fulfilment center.

(Start shipping March 12th) Lux Oak & Walnut Scotland Yard Packages included

5. March 17th Lux Natural Oak & Premium Walnut Holmes models arrive at fulfilment center.

(Start shipping March 19th) Lux Oak & Walnut Bakerstreet Packages included

6. March 20th Sculpted Viking and Dragon wood Rails arrive from Dogmight

(Start shipping March 27th) Small segment done in one day.

Note: Each segment should take about a week to process. Shipping varies depending on the distance and can take up to 7 business days. Generally less than 5 days.

International Pledges: We feel we may improve on these dates, but are building in some time for missing parts to arrive because we must send complete pledges on the containers.

March 28th Start packaging and pulling Canadian shipment.

April 10th Canadian shipment sent to Snakes and Lattes for intra-Canada shipping.

April 10th Start packaging European orders.

April 17th Ship container to Germany for intra-Europe shipping. At this time this includes UK deliveries. This will take approx. 5 weeks water transport.

April 23rd Australia, New Zealand, and remote shipment orders pulled.

April 30th Australian Container Shipped. Shipping to backers at the end of May

May 1st:

Clean up any unresolved shipments.

Overstock Toppers of all varieties will be delivered to our fulfillment center.


Daedalus Productions has closed its doors.

This is a very sad, unfortunate situation beyond my control. Due to this closure and other factors the total fulfillment of the Purchase Order we gave Daedalus will not be fulfilled. After the closure of Daedalus, I was assured that Daedalus would fulfill its obligations to us. Some Items where mostly completed. At this point, my agent in Utah has taken possession of the wooden parts that were completed on our Purchase Order prior to its closure. This includes the Rules Masters that are included in every package, some Gen 1 wooden Castle Dice Towers & Player Shields and some Gen 1 acrylic coasters.

Items that are in jeopardy for our scheduled fulfillment time lines that may require more time:

1. I have not received the new collapsible cup holder samples yet. I have been told that the date for samples to be approved is next wed Feb 12th.

If this occurs and the samples are approved to our standards and agreed quality specifications, the injection molding process is very quick and shouldn’t provide a problem for our fulfillment timelines. I must point out, This is by no means a certainty due to many missed deadlines. Prior to the Facebook closure announcement, communications from Daedalus started deteriorating. This caused me concern, but I had several written communications assuring me all was well and he would fulfill our P.O.

Once we found out about the closure of Daedalus, I became more concerned and I started contacting other injection houses that my manufacture here in MN recommended to see what our options were incase this would be a problem with mold injected parts. We are neck deep in that process now. I do not want to alarm anyone, but I want to be transparent with what is happening. We wish Daedalus no ill will, but knew it was time to start taking other precautions.

We will produce these parts and they will be amazing one way or another, just not sure about the time frame. For this I am so sorry! It has caused me many a restless nights and an incredible amount of extra work at a very hectic time! Rest assured, however I am a problem solver with a tenacious, never give up attitude with a commitment to deliver what I have promised. I will keep you updated on my progress as I learn more about these items.

Some of the injection equipment at one of the companies I am working through our solutions.

2. Injection Molded Dice Towers, Accessory Trays, Poker Chip Holders are as stated above. The trays should prove to be the very doable domestically, the dice towers are proving more challenging. I am working hard on it with several sources including Chinese sources, but we all know that is fluid situation too. I do not have timelines yet on either of these. I do not want to over promise something until the companies I’m working with provide me better timelines and costs.

Injection molds

3. Lord Burkton and JJ Burkton Mat Storage Racks. We have an opportunity to increase the aesthetics and feel of these racks. I am meeting with a power coat MDF manufacture that will give us an upgrade in what we initially prototyped with the EPVC material. They will match our rails on our toppers perfectly! The EPVC prototypes worked just fine I have 3 of them in my basement, but in working through packaging solutions, we started discussing this new option with my manufacture and it appears from initial quotes and prototype this will be a better solution. I’m really excited about this, but it has taken me more time than I would have liked to get this finished due to other more pressing issues. I’m not expecting any major delay, but I will keep you updated of this. The mini Connelson’s we will still make out of EPVC and should be done in a couple of weeks.

Lord Burkton Commercial MDF prototype not powder coated.

4. PETG Acrylic Covers.

These will arrive in our fulfillment center this week, so anyone that has a Game Topper pledge including the Adler’s and Lestrade’s will get their cover/s shipped inside their topper play vault, in its storage bag, in our heavy duty packaging for extra protection.

We have a couple dozen or so backers that purchased these outside of a topper pledges for their gen 1 toppers. We are testing a new package to make sure we ship these well. It’s not easy and is proving to be very expensive for small run situations like this. I will do it for each backer, but in the future do to packaging costs and shipping safety concerns; we are going to reserve this product for topper only sales. I expect we can get these stand alone PETG Covers out in the next 4-6 weeks.

Two halves of new PETG Cover with supports on a Watson. Center legs are only 6 inches on each side to not interfere with game play.


As you can see, this is a massive undertaking requiring a lot of diligence and hard work to accomplish. Josiah and I have put in hundreds of hours to get to this point and our hard work is paying off. My manufacture has been stellar in helping this dream of upgrading everyone’s gaming experience come to fruition.

I wish I could control everything in life, but we all know that is an illusion. What we can control is how we treat each other and what we do to honor our word. I always want to treat each one of you with the greatest respect and be as open and transparent with you as possible. Overall, I am really happy with the outcome of everything so far, with the exception of the accessory delays.

Sometimes the greatest of all virtues must be employed…patience, but also perseverance! I’m pretty good at the later and not so much on the former. What I can assure you all, is that I do not take lightly our commitment to delivering you the best product I can make and will continue to do my best to keep you up to date as I am able. I realize everyone is so excited and we are too. It won't be long!

Unless it is hyper critical, we would ask for a favor please to help us by not emailing us with “when will my order ship questions”. It only slows us down researching your pledge and responding. Also, if you could refrain from asking these questions on the Kickstarter page comments segment would be much appreciated as it only causes people concern and increases the work load at a very heavy work time for us. I hope you can understand my request.

Of course, if there is something urgent we will always respond and take your concerns seriously, this is just a bit of encouragement to let us keep at it and not have additional pressure. Reach us at or

I am so grateful for your support! All our best!

Burky and Josiah

Happy Holidays & Mat Shipping Update from Game Toppers 12-24-19
5 months ago – Tue, Dec 24, 2019 at 11:56:26 PM

Merry Christmas and best wishes for this Holiday Season to you and your families.

I cannot express how grateful I am for each of you and the overwhelming support! Together we really are doing something special. Thank you!

We have been working non stop at Game Toppers Headquarters. I can count the days off I have had on one hand in the last 5 months. It's all good, but just not enough of me to go around sometimes. We are so excited to get these great gaming upgrades into your hands!

Personal update:

If you haven't heard, my two oldest Daughters Hannah (who does my graphics) and Matti had babies within 10 days of each other right before BGG Con. They are  healthy babies and both moms are doing well! We are very thankful.

Charles John and Felicity Joan

What have we have been up to?:

Since Gen con we have been working none stop on our fulfillment center and with production orders of Game Topper Product. We have a complete  manufacturing schedule of Topper product that we updated everyone on Nov 11th. It is a long detailed update of our estimates, but long and short of it we basically on track. See prior update.

We will keep you updated as I have additional information or any changes.

1. We added a 52 ft x 20 ft concrete apron to our 5000 Sq ft building and added a loading dock. We also have been securing all the Pallet Racks and preparing the pick room for fulfillment. We purchased a lift. Oh MY!!!! These are not cheap, but pretty cool! Plus we insulated the walls and installed overhead fans and Led lighting.

New lift and loading dock

2. We have been working quite a lot of hours on our packaging solutions. They are very high end solutions that are quite complex when you factor the amount of products we have offered. This has been taking a lot of time.

3. We traveled to Dallas Texas and did BGG Con, drove home two days and spent three days for Thanksgiving with family and the drove 2.5 days to Philly for Pax Unplugged, (It was so great seeing so many of you!) Drove home 2 days and immediately started to dig out of a 9 day pile of emails. 

4. Then our first of 3, 45 ft High containers of Mats and Storage bags arrived. This was no small task unloading as they do not palatalize them for space efficiency. This is a $5500.00 shipping expense so they maximize space. 

It took the three of us 3.5 hours to unload 20,000 lbs of Game mats. Guess what job I did?  Wow!!! Listen I'm too old for that. lol.

"Mat Only Pledge" Shipment Update:

The last week we have done receiving verification and inventoried all product and set up the pick room. Josiah has spent a good part of last week managing the "MAT ONLY PLEDGE" segments as well as "Mat Storage Bag" only pledges. He spent All Day Sunday printing the shipping labels and tracking for almost 500 orders. It went very well. We started pulling orders Monday and by the end of work day Christmas eve (we are shutting down early at 2pm) we will have 3/4 ready for shipment.

Product ready for Shipment day one

As hard as we tried, we just could not get that large of an order done before Christmas. It looks good that we should have everything ready for the scheduled pick up and shipment Thursday and then it will take 3-5 days to shipping depending on where you live. So most should get to you close to the end of the year.

Note: International "MAT ONLY PLEDGES" will ship by container to our fulfillment centers in Late March/April to combine mat and topper shipments to offer the lower shipping rates achieved.

If you do not receive a tracking notification (Please note it will be the email used on the Kickstarter) or if you do not receive your order by the first week of 2020, Please email us at Please give that much time so we do not get flooded with emails. That just bogged us down unnecessarily. We do want to make sure that your product does arrive and everything is correct. So after that time please do contact us.

Affiliate Pledges:

I must apologize as this update for affiliates is overdue. The tyranny of the urgent has happened to me. Everything on the production side of things is very well and basically on track. We have a pre-production amount of product earmarked for you and will be ready to ship soon. The biggest problem with me getting this update done, other than the work load you see I have been under is, that i just received my sample swatches of 16 styles of game mats that need some art work done to present the Kiosk's we are working on. This shipment arrived a bit later than we hoped and it has taken us some time to sort.

 In addition, with the birth of my grandson Charles, We have not been able to finish the brochures, booklets that I want to present our program with quality. Hannah is doing well, but it has been a challenge with 2 toddlers and a new born that hasn't been sleeping at night. she will resume helping me after the 1st of the year. We are a small family business and just don't have the staffing resources of a larger company yet.  It's all excuses, they are honest, but an I must say I am very sorry. I had every intention of it being done with this affiliate update by now. I will continue to put it as an priority in the next two weeks.

With the 2 holidays upon us I expect to be able to create a reasonable update to inform all affiliates of how to take advantage of all savings and resell opportunities by the Jan 10th.

Many of you have reached out me at and I would encourage you to do so. I can easily take phone calls to inform you of the process and start working on your store set.

Lastly, The Secret Cabal Kickstarter Mats have arrived and look amazing! They will be shipping out right after New Years!

Again, thank you all so kindly for your amazing support and encouragement!!! 

All our best! Burky and Team!

The whole Family celebrating New Years eve early.