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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Game Toppers 2.0 Pledge Surveys launched and late pledges live!
18 days ago – Thu, Aug 01, 2019 at 11:11:28 PM

Greetings Game Topper Nation!

Wow! what a ride ending an awesome Kickstarter and needing to travel to the largest gaming convention in North America, GenKAAAAAAAN! ok, Gencon. I'm going to make this quick as I need to get to the booth.

There has been so much to do, but its ALIVE!!!!! ok, live.  We have been working around the clock literally to proof and vet backer survey.

It was a very complex build, but Josiah has done an amazing job putting together what we hope will be a very seamless system for you to fill-out your choices and add on anything you would like.

Please check you spam folders to make sure you receive Kickstarter and and so you see the survey to make you style choices and add on any items you may like. You have till Aug 25th to fill it out so there is no pressure, so you have some time to think about items you may want to add.

We are incredible busy with the flurry of Gen Con, so if you have any questions if you could help us out please, Please email us you questions or concerns at . The comments get really hard to follow when the page gets filled up and we don't want to miss a single question or concern. 

We will do our best to respond to emails each night after the show, but as you can imagine it is a very exhausting time, but we are committed to take care of you. So if you do not receive a response, please be patient with us and we will certainly help you. 

If you are at Gen Con come and visit us at the Miniature Market Booth 2901.

Thank you again for being the best backers ever!!!!


Here are few booth setup pics from some of our affiliate partners.

Game Toppers 2.0 Late Pledge Update & Thanks
25 days ago – Fri, Jul 26, 2019 at 02:35:09 AM

Unbelievable last 4 day push everyone!!!! Best surge ever! Totals:  572,000! Over 1353 Backers!    

My family playing Sheriff of Nottingham. We love games and that is what started this. (Hannah not in the pic)
My family playing Sheriff of Nottingham. We love games and that is what started this. (Hannah not in the pic)

My family is elated! I am so grateful for your support everyone! 

No one knows the price you pay doing a Kickstarter until you have done one. So much effort goes into the pre-planning. A product like ours with so many faucets and details that needs to be considered is quite significant. 

Pledge Manager:

We have worked so hard to push to the finish line, but we know there is more. It's not over for us. We have another finish line to cross and that is to continue to work hard till we see these great gaming upgrades in your hands.  I have a ton of work to do with Josiah to get this complicated (for us)but easy to use (for you)pledge manger set up. We definitely gave you too many choices lol.

We anticipate we will be able to launch our Backer kit Pledge Manager hopefully by Wed Aug 31st.

When you receive your pledge manager survey (Backerkit) you will be asked if you want to do several things like;

  • Upgrade your pledge to a Package or The Viking or Dragon Sculpted pledge.
  •  Upgrade your mat pledge to the buy 2 mats Stretch Goal with the 2 Free Mat storage bags (Such a good deal) You can do it again for a total of 4 mats by adding another 2 Mat Bundle.
  •  Upgrade your 2mm mats in the Topper Only Pledges to 3 MM Premium mats (well worth it) [The packages and the Viking and Dragon Pledges already include premium no need to upgrade]
  •  Add addition items to you pledge. We have a bunch of them to add on. Many of add on's will ask you questions 

Example; say you select Holmes Rail bundle. the pledge manager will ask you which Lestrade mat style you want and you click the one you'd like

Example; You select the 2 Dice Tower system bundle (these are so cool) it will ask you Castle or Viking

  •  Add a second Game Topper if you like (Sounds crazy? many folks are buying two for special events and a variety of play styles.)
  •  Note: The $29.00 upgrade fee for the included new collapsible cup holders will auto add this amount to The Scotland Yard, Baker Street, & Riechenbach Falls Packages
  •  Shipping charges and any applicable Tax (MN) and VAT associated with your country will be also added to your pledge survey amount. We will have many automated tables filling this in but in some remote locations it will vary slightly and we will need to manually adjust.

We have our head to the grind stone taking care of this for you and making it as easy to fill out and process as possible. I'm also working to finish marketing and planning for GenCon. We leave for Monday and hope to meet you at the Miniature Market Booth at GenCon.

Many Thanks:

I want to thank my beautiful wife, Joan first. She has paid the price right along side me, sacrificing my time and putting up with my fatigue, encouraging me through the difficult times, and always saying, "don't worry it's going to be great!" She is always right! 

My amazing daughter Hannah Wagner has been working on the graphics of this campaign for 3 months and made all my last minute requests. She is amazing and I could not be more proud of her.

 My son Josiah Burkhardsmeier has been such an amazing addition to our team. His competence and attention to detail makes us so much better. I cannot be more pleased with him. The rest of my family too. 

Kira Anne Peavley who has helped me with some media coordination and been a great resource to draw from. 

Kay King, You make me happy! Definitely family. 

Kelly Hughes thanks for all you do! 

To all of my friends in the hobby whether it be media or publisher or acquaintance your support means the world to me. I need to mention so many more!

 ...lastly, to all my amazing Game Topper Nation supporters!!! You rock, You are the best! Please accept my heartfelt thanks!!! We'll talk later! 

Blessings everyone! Burky


We are going to schedule the Live Champagne Ratafia Celebration Wednesday Aug 7th, 7PM

We will share the stories about the Champagne and Ratafia and answer your questions about game toppers, pledge manager, late pledges and anything else! We will celebrate together!

Last day! Live show update and Last Stretch goals!
26 days ago – Thu, Jul 25, 2019 at 12:42:51 AM

Greetings Game Topper Nation!

Wow wow wow! I can spell it backwards. You have done amazingly! Thank you.

I'm leaving the office to Alexandria, MN to do our our last in campaign live Youtube at Your Turn board Games. Noon CST. Join us if you can.

Note: After the campaign closes you will receive a survey hopefully before GenCon to make all your selections and any upgrades or add on's you may choose. The Backerkit pledge manger makes this really nice with a series of questions.

Shipping and any applicable tax or Vat will also be charge in the pledge manager. these will not be locked down until Aug 25th so it buys you a little time so to speak till the next charge. If you don't wan the later charge you can add the amount that you should be billed in KS and it will be  credit applied to pledge manger.

We are pushing through some last stretch goals.

Lets do it! We tell you the story about why this was an idea ant the players that made it possible.

Thank you again for being the best backers a creator could have ever wanted. I love Game Topper Nation! 


Only 2 Days left with several more Stretch Goals to unlock!
27 days ago – Tue, Jul 23, 2019 at 07:02:10 PM

Greetings Game Topper Nation!!!

What a great fantastical ride!!! I continue to be so amazing at how wonderful this thing called Game Topper Nation is. I'm humbled and grateful for all your support!!!

We have some serious momentum going so lets keep it up and unlock these last Goals! Please help us get the word out as the last two days become significant for us. 

We have a live Q & A  on location from Your Turn Board Games Wed 12 noon CST.

FYI: We plan on launching the pledge manager before GenCon, this will allow us to continue to add pledges at the show. You will get your surveys so you can make your selections of styles and upgrades and add to your orders. Your shipping charges will be included in the pledge manager. This will not be charged however till Aug 25th, so it give you some extra time to pay for these items.

Miniature Market has been gracious to allow us to share a booth with them at Gencon. This is huuuuuge! It is very difficult to get space there and when you do it's a 10 ft booth that doesn't help us much with the size of our product! We will have some limited supply of style and size of our overstock mats that they will be selling to the public. These will be at a higher price and will not include the mat storage bags so all our Kickstarter backers will receive the best deals! We hope to see you there!!!

Also, the mat availability chart is being uploaded to the bottom of the campaign page

Okay what's left? some amazing deals for my wonderful backers.

We are almost there!!! Get a FREE Rules Master with any Package or Viking or Dragon Master pledge!

You asked for it, so we have decided if this is goal is unlocked, we can give you choice of these 4 most requested sizes in the XL. This will be limited to pledges made by Aug 25th as I will not be stocking Adventure and Hex in XL sizes after the campaign.

This is a great deal for all Topper only pledges. The Packages are by far the best values, but we wanted to also help make an entry level premium add on for those that wanted some cup holders (Double not trays include in this bundle but can be added)and the highly recommended storage bag.

This is a very popular request that our manufacture has made some concessions to us to make. We will be able to accommodate these styles and gen 1 backers that have the Waverly stain. After Aug 25th the Waverly will not be available.

These are really great game Tote we use them all the time.

We have several request for a 3 x 5 option. 520,000 makes that happen!

Everyone that orders a Topper get a Free 3mm  custom cut Mouse pad if unlocked!

Thank you all!!! Lets unlock all of these goals.

As always, if you need anything please let me know and I'll be happy to help in anyway I can.


Odin and The Dragon Master almost unlocked! NEW Dice Towers and components Stretch Goals
about 1 month ago – Thu, Jul 18, 2019 at 08:43:07 PM

Greetings Game Topper Nation!!! 

What an amazing, wonderfully frantic time a Kickstarter is. I'm elated, energized, exhausted, and hopeful! That kind of sums it up. We are working nearly around the clock continuing to share this great gaming upgrade called Game Toppers that so many of you have come to enjoy. Your enthusiasm inspires me, your kindness encourages me, your support means the world to me! Thank you very much for truly being one of the best communities I've been a part of. You are more than customers to me an I cannot thank you enough.

  • I wanted to announce tomorrow Friday July 19th 12 noon CST Kay King from Level Up Games is going to be in studio talking about all the gamer goodness and answering questions.  View Live

Next Wed we will be at Your Turn Board Games in Alexandria MN for another end of Campaign Q & A.

Our friends at Breaking Games have an really cool Kickstarter running now called Dwellings of Eldervale  We are making the 3 mm Premium epic mat for them. Check it out!!

This sample looks really great! It's 36 x 48  Adler size!!!
This sample looks really great! It's 36 x 48 Adler size!!!
  • We have blown through 30 Stretch Goals! I have placed many these closer to the appropriate sections for easier viewing. Some are still in the stretch goals section. 
  • We just added a new set of stretch Goals (Below) and have another set ready for next week.

For those of you that want The Viking and The Dragon pledges we have sweetened the pot with over $200.00 Savings to complete your glorious adventure with The Odin Bundle and the Dragon Master bundle. These rails are so amazing, the pictures just do not do them justice..

Almost unlocked! Let' move this baby out!
Almost unlocked! Let' move this baby out!
  • Shipping Special:

 When you buy 2 mats (which included 2 game mat storage bags)shipping for both are now only $20.00 ($30.00 in Canada) the rest of the world will enjoy similar discounts of about 50 percent less shipping on second mat. If you buy 4 mats  you will get 4 storage bags and it will only add another $10 for the extra 2 mats for a total of $30 USA and $40.00 Canada respectively. This will be setup in the Late pledge manager for each region so you will billed correctly.

We will be showing all of the newly arrived prototype Dice Towers and Component Trays! These are really cool and can't wait to show you them! As always, I'm always looking for ways to save my backers money by providing them a bundle that works nicely for the games we play and save my loyal backers some money! 

It pretty cool!!!


Some of you have asked to see what a Standard Black powered coat Extension leaf looks like on  a Premium Topper. Ask and you shall Receive!

Premium Walnut Holmes (36 x 72) with 24 inch standard Extension leaf...36 x 72 Scythe Inspired mat is on it. It looks way better in person than I could have imagined!
Premium Walnut Holmes (36 x 72) with 24 inch standard Extension leaf...36 x 72 Scythe Inspired mat is on it. It looks way better in person than I could have imagined!

If you need anything you can always PM me or Email me at Comments in this update are fine but hard to find so PM is better, but ill do my best to answer any questions!!!