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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Near final Fulfillment update 10-12-20
21 days ago – Fri, Nov 13, 2020 at 07:47:16 PM

Greetings Game Topper Nation

I must offer a bit of an apology for the delay in this update. I am very committed to answer every individual question via social media, email or KS, (no small task) but putting out these larger updates in the middle of my workload is always a bit harder. Honestly, the biggest problem for me is, there is always a large amount of information I am gathering or waiting on others to provide so I can be accurate. I respond to questions pretty rapid fire to keep up and give people the best current info, but don’t want to ever come off as dismissing anyone’s concerns or not appear empathetic.

I think I’m an ok communicator, but writing is not my best gift. Trust me, I so very much appreciate each and every one of you! You have been so understanding during these trying times.  My heart is full of gratitude. Our team works tirelessly to get these great gaming upgrades out as soon as we can. You can ask my team and family that I agonize over any delays and always have my top priority taking care of our backers.

That all said, I have a bunch of good news!!!!

Fulfillment update:

All USA and Canada orders have been fulfilled! This is such a herculean task in normal times. Then throw Covid on top of it! We were way ahead of schedule fulfilling over 1500 domestic “mat only” pledges 4 months ahead of schedule. We had half of the standard toppers sent out a couple months ahead of scheduled and were on track to exceed expectations. Then Covid hit. This affected our supply chain and manufactures experienced severe complications. That had a cascading effect.  We continued to persevere and do lots of modulating. This was very challenging and proved very costly, but thankfully we persevered and we finished most domestic orders by Aug and Canada right after that.

All of our new domestic orders now ship in 2-3 business days. (See international post KS sales info below.)

If you want to order in Canada, we still have a pretty good situation if we ship a pallet at a time to keep the shipping in line with our KS shipping prices. A topper package generally cost $225.00 shipping, duty, and tax inc. We now add $25.00 post KS surcharge for our extra fees we incur. We actually are still subsidizing a bit of the cost. If you want expedited shipping to Canada (meaning not waiting for a pallet each few weeks) we can ship direct to our fulfillment center for an additional $75.00. An extra $10.00 added to a game mat or small package order.

What’s new?

We are planning on launching our new E-commerce store November 20th. We just mad a new rewet of our website. there is a online product catalog now. 

Many of the Stretch Goals and some of the bundle pricing are going to go away or change.

As a customer Loyalty gesture we want to let you all know that if you want any of our limited supply  items, like the Rail Bundles, Leaf Extension Bundles, Dice Tower Bundles, mat racks, acrylic covers and especially the Double Mat Bundles (which are a tremendous savings with discounted shipping and mat storage bags included) you will have one week to take advantage of these special prices  through the Late Pledge Manager. Shhh... don't tell anyone... Some great Christmas ideas.

Rail bundles
Leaf extensions
double mat bundles

We are also going to retire a few mostly older items on a special clearance page of the new e-commerce store and will give you a head ups so you can take advantage of them first. A few  Waverly gen 1 rails, gen 1 Mycroft bags, some Wood cup holders etc.


The container has arrived at our fulfilment partner in Germany and is being shipped as you read this.

It was a very large order (over 200 orders) and should take about 10 days to handle the full order. If you are European backer you should receive a tracking email. Most of the small packages appeared to be going out first and now the larger topper packages are shipping. Many have said that the tracking info has been in peoples spam folders, so that would be a good thing to check. If you do not receive a tracking email by November 20th please let us know and we can do some research for you. So far everything has been going smoothly.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and not being able to attend the UK Games Expo and The Essen Spiel, it has really hindered our opportunity to market well in Europe. With the uncertainty of travel, we had to make a very difficult call and limit the amount of overstock product we are keeping in Germany this go around. Also, Brexit is providing us uncertainty for 2021.

Future EU Sales:

We have a few Watson, Holmes, Adler and Mycroft and just a couple of mats styles and a small amount of extra accessories and cup holders that we will make available for sale after everyone has successfully received their products. Our products have been  very thoughtfully engineered  with heavy duty packaging and the large units are being shipped on pallets giving further protection so we do not expect problems, but nonetheless we took some precautions.

We will update when these are available. If you are in the UK, now would be a good time to take advantage of those when they become available before the end of the year or an additional VAT charge will occur. Next year’s Kickstarter we will need to ship directly to the UK me thinks.

Any product that has to be shipped from the USA is very expensive. Typically a mat is $60-$80 and a Topper $600.00 to $700 due to the size and weight. Shipping in bulk like we did was a huge win to save everyone money on that front.


This has been a horrible challenge do to shipping congestion lack of containers and logistic problems.

When we priced our 20 ft container last year to make Australia available we were quoted $2000.00. I padded it to $2500.00 in my business plan. Now this shipment us costing us over $5800.00.

We shipped out all the pallets a couple of weeks ago, but the shipment  has been delayed due to congestion we are told.  The good news is that it expected to be loaded on the ship this Friday and arrive in Sidney  Dec 10th-14th, then sent to our logistics partner, Aetherworks. The now so good news is, that Aetherworks closes for the holiday season Dec 18th. It does not seem optimistic that it will clear customs and arrive at Aetherworks in time for Christmas shipping. I will keep you in the loop if anything happens that would change this, but for now I would expect that it would be after the holidays. I’m so sorry for those of you that have so patiently waited. We worked hard to push at every step, but it’s just very challenging right now.

Future Sales in Australia:

This is very similar decision we made like Germany for our overstock.

We have a few Watson, Holmes, and Mycroft and just a couple of mats styles and a small amount of extra accessories and cup holders that we will make available for sale after everyone has successfully received their products. Any product that has to be shipped from the USA is very expensive. Typically a mat is $80 and a Topper $600.00 to $800 due to the size and weight.

We will update when these are available.


Whew! We are currently working full steam ahead on the next Kickstarter campaign scheduled for Feb/ March with Next fall 2021 fulfillment. The creativity and energy is coming back to me.  New Mats, new accessories and some other exciting offerings that is going to blow everyone’s mind!!!

Here is a sneak peak of one of our new mats called the great wall by the amazing Vincent Dutrait. Much more to come……super pumped!!!

The Great Wall- ancient Asia mat.

We love you all and are very thankful for all of your support and kind encouragement during this time.

If you have any concerns you can reach me at or

Josiah, Joseph, Joan and myself all wish you the best of health, safety and peace.

Happy holidays to you!


Canada tracking and EU /Australia shipments
2 months ago – Wed, Sep 23, 2020 at 12:02:13 AM

Greetings Game Topper Nation!

I hope you are all well and are enjoying some gaming! I wanted to give a couple quick updates.

As of today 9-22-20 The Canada orders have all gone out From pick and Pack..Check spam if you do not get tracking.


 The tracking numbers from Pick and Pack are to notify you that packages are coming your way. We have had several emails of concern that the right items are coming and that the descriptions are not showing the complete contents. Have no worries, our package have specific packing solutions within the box they were designed to ship in safely. This was thought through a long time ago to save people money on shipping. Some items must be in a separate package due to size and weight, So it is possible you may see multiple packages. The tracking fields are very limited an could never include full order descriptions. Rest assured our team goes through a double check of every order that goes our from our facility. Pick and Pack simply put a label on the packages we have completed for final leg delivery.

I just want to put everyone at ease. Our failure rate on picked orders has been extremely low do to our due diligence QC processes. We are human and can make mistakes, but if we do please let us know at and you can have confidence we will make it right very quickly. Thanks much everyone for your understanding.

Future Canada shipping: 

Can I still buy Game topper products in Canada? 

Yes, we have a very good situation here. We can still ship to Canada at our advertised rates with this exception. We are planing on doing a shipment at the end of each month (or earlier if 1 pallet is filled) starting OCT 30th (or sooner) and Nov 30th (or sooner)  and possible DEC 15th. (...if demand is there for a bulk shipment of at least one pallet) The reason for this is to get a better bulk rate shipping to our partner and  to avoid extra handling charges. There is a one time $50 per pallet fee even for one item. So while it takes longer it saves on shipping.

This means that our normal 2-3 Domestic USA would not apply, meaning depending on when you order is placed and when the order goes out will determine your wait time. Another option is...

Canadian Expedited shipping only:

We can ship individual packages immediately with a expedited surcharge. Cost will increase by $25.00 for a small packages like mats and dice towers.  $75.00 additional for Topper order.

Eu Shipment:

The order is all packed and waiting for the container to arrive for shipment. We think it will be here Thursday. Shipping is more congested than we have seen in quite some time so this is not a perfect science. We are told about 25 days shipping, about a week customs clearance and delivery to our logistics partner in Germany and the 7 -10 days final leg journey depending on distance from Germany.

Part of the EU order ready for Shrink and container packing.

Can I still buy Game topper products in the EU?

Yes, but we will have a very limited amount of product for this KS left in Germany after fulfillment. (Just enough to handle any service or delivery damage) After everyone gets their pledges we will then allow orders from the excess inventory to sell. This will be limited items about 6-8 toppers total and a few mats and accessories.

After this inventory is exhausted Shipping from the USA will be at a much higher price making mostly undo-able. However, we will be coming back to KS next year and again offer these combined discounted shipping solutions


We will start packing this segment this week, and expect to be done by the end of next week and then will become a consolidated pickup to Australia with Aetherworks Logistics. We expect by the end of Oct Early November product should be near your home. You still have a few days to order if you are in Australia.

Can I still buy Game topper products in the Australia?

Yes, but we will have a very limited amount of product for this KS left in Australia after fulfillment. (Just enough to handle any service or delivery damage) After everyone gets their pledges we will then allow orders from the excess inventory to sell. This will be limited items about 3-4 toppers total and a few mats and accessories.

After this inventory is exhausted Shipping from the USA will be at a much higher price making mostly undo-able. However, we will be coming back to KS next year and again offer these combined discounted shipping solutions

Going forward:

We are neck deep in plans for our next Kickstarter with exciting new mats, new backward compatible accessory ideas, and some stuff I can't even talk about yet that will blow everyone's minds! We will keep you posted. 

We are also looking at retiring some of our gen one accessories, storage bags, waverly rails and 2 mm mats. We are going to do a Loyalty Sale to our backers. This will not be most of our main products, Not toppers.  Just a bunch of left over and some seconds. Stay Tuned!

Thanks again everyone!!!

Please let us know if you have any concerns or help! or

Burky and Team

Canada, EU, and Australia Update 9-4-20
3 months ago – Sat, Sep 05, 2020 at 07:10:00 PM

Greetings Game Topper Nation,

I just wanted to give you a brief update:

All is well here and we have been working at a very good pace. I’m very proud of Josiah and the team.

  • USA fulfillment is complete with the exception of a few back ordered items (Watson size Crimson Red, Steel Grey, Cobalt Blue and Terrain White mats] that will be back in stock at the end of September and shipped out.  

All new domestic orders ship in 2-3 business days.

  • The Canada order left this week and is on the road. We expect it to arrive in Buffalo by weekend and then on to our fulfilment Partner Pick and Pack Logistics for final to door shipping (formally Snakes and Lates).
Partially palletized order
Partially picked order.

  We estimate the last leg of Canada shipping will begin shipping on or before Sept 14th. You will recieve a tracking number from Pick and Pack for the carrier that is used for your package.
    If you do not recieve tracking by Sept 14th, feel free to email us at and we can help.

We will continue to ship into our partner in Canada monthly by pallet to get shipping rates down, possible twice a month depending on demand.

  •  European orders Are being packed right now. We expect  about 10 more working days to complete packing this segment. It’s a large segment.
    We expect to have this order sent by Sept 18th.
        I am told this should take about 20-25 days thus arriving in Germany the mid to latter part  of October. Last leg delivery should take place within one week and tracking numbers released. So hopefully everyone should be recieving them by end of Oct.
        I know this has taken longer than expected. Thank you for your kind words and patience. I think it will be worth the wait.

European’s still have till Sept 14th to get an order in on these discounted KS shipping rates.

  •  Australia and New Zealand will pack and ship next. We expect to have this order sent by end of Sept arriving in Australia late Oct.
    You can still add to your Australian order by Sept 24th.

   Again,  Thank you for your patience, I know how excited everyone is to get these. We are very motivated and working so hard to make this happen as soon as we possibly can. 

Stay tuned for more exciting news about what is coming next.

If you have any questions or concerns as always drop us an email at or Josiah at

From all of the team, stay well!


Accessories and cup holders update. Canada and Europe order cut off times
4 months ago – Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 11:43:23 PM

Greetings Game Topper Nation!!!!

Wow! We have been running full steam ahead and are close to being done with continental USA fulfillment. Yay!!!!

The mat racks are a huge hit with the folks that have set them up and the Sculpted Viking and Dragon limited edition toppers are all sent out in the USA. Whew!

I made a quick video  of the Poker chip trays, the dice towers and accessories and expandable cup holders. This shows you how they all work and some other info.

We are shipping out these right now at a pretty good clip. You should be getting a tracking number for your cup holder and accessories soon if you haven't already. Combined orders of cup holders and accessories, dice towers should be done in the USA in the next 5-7 days. 

Here is the video...

Canada cut off:

The cut off For adding a Late pledge for Canada will be Aug 14th. after that it may difficult to be able to add to your order at our discounted shipping rates.

Europe and Australia cut off:

Aug 28th will be the Cut off to order or make adjustments to the order at our discounted shipping rates.

Again thank you all very much for your patience and kind words of encouragement. It is so cool seeing all the great pictures and fun you having on the Game Topper Nation Facebook group.

If you need anything as always please let us know at support or

Burky and team.

Game Topper Update July 6th - International fulfillment
5 months ago – Wed, Jul 08, 2020 at 10:57:37 AM

Greetings Game Topper Nation!!!

First, I hope you are all well. I also want to thank you all for your kind words of support and encouragement. Those of you that have come to know and interact with me know how important it is for me to honor my word and how deeply I care about getting these great gaming upgrades into your hands. During the quarantine, we have worked non stop to deliver our in-stock products domestically.

The Covid-19 related delays have caused supply chain disruptions with almost every aspect of our fulfillment, It is very complicated. It has to do with how our software allows us to partially fulfill product, when product arrives and can be packaged, and when we can ship.  My third party suppliers have been good to work with, but are experiencing many difficulties, mostly labor force and raw material shortages. Every 1 week delay seems to end in a three week delay,  for some items more. This has made it very difficult for me to even relay quality information to you. For this I am very sorry. It's very frustrating. Josiah and I continue to answer and welcome every email. We want you to know all is well in spite of the delays.  That all said, I want to assure you that we anticipate no major issues with our products getting to you, it's just the time juggle

Many of you that have shared your recent deliveries and fun experiences on the Game Topper Nation Facebook group. If you haven't joined yet please do. Lots of fun pictures and ideas. Please, no customer support questions there.

Short update if you don't want to read anymore: ( These are my best estimates given current information)

95 percent of domestic USA shipment is done except Sculpted Toppers, Mat Racks, Cup Holders and Dice Tower Accessory Trays & Poker Chip Holders. If all goes well, we will be shipping out Domestic sculpted toppers and mat racks by the end of next week and US fulfillment will be nearly complete. If you have a domestic topper order (other than Sculpted) and for some reason haven't recived it please email us at

Cupholders, Dice Tower Accessories, and Poker Trays have been a real slow process, but we have dialed in the finish and approved all molds. I'm very happy with them! I think you will love them. The P.O. has been submitted and we are expecting delivery to our shop in about two weeks and it will take us about 1 week to package and send out. Current estimates are end of July and USA fulfillment will be completed. You will get a separate tracking number when these go out.

All our proofs and Mat storage racks

Canada orders will then be packaged (EST end of JULY) we expect this to take two weeks as it is a large segment. Orders should then arrive about the 3rd week of Aug in Canada.

European orders will be pulled next. Again, we expect two weeks to pack. We expect to have this order sent by end of Aug arriving in Germany End of Sept/early Oct.

Australia and New Zealand will ship next. We expect to have this order sent by end of Aug/early Sept arriving in Australia Early Oct.

Essentially if you want to add to your international order you have till the end of July to do so.

Thank you for your patience, I know how excited everyone is to get these. We are very motivated and working so hard to make this happen as soon as we possibly can. That you have my word on! 

More detailed info on each item:

  • Mat Only Pledges:

We have fulfilled all "MAT Only" pledges in Dec. domestically. (Over 1500 units) People love our game mats!! I am so proud of them all just like my kids.  If you place an order for mats, which you can do through the late pledge manager, they ship out in 2-3 business days and you can still take advantage of the specials we had during the Kickstarter campaign. We are keeping the  Late Pledge special prices available to give our new and existing backers more time to take advantage of add-ons if they wanted at the discounted prices and to include those  backers in the EU, Canada and Australia the same opportunity for their shipments essential by the end of JULY. 

We even just placed a reorder. Mat only pledges for international backers will ship when those containers leave. (Explained above.) 

  • Standard Toppers:

I are happy to report,  we have fulfilled to all Domestic Standard black powder coated, Lestrade, Adler, Watson, Holmes, Moriarty and Mycroft Game Topper segments. This includes the popular Standard Scotland Yard, Bakerstreet and Riechenbach Falls Packages. Please Note: Many of these were sent out as a partial fulfillment ...meaning everything we had on hand shipped out. Other items, mainly cup holder and accessories dice towers, trays, poker chip trays and mat racks will be shipping out separately in July.


  • Walnut and Oak Holmes, Watson, & Lestrade Toppers

YAY !!!!!! All have been sent Domestically, they are beautiful!

  • Sculpted Viking and Dragon rail Watson and Holmes Toppers: We Just received them and are installing the sculpted wood this week and shipping domestically next week. Dogmight Games did an amazing job for us in very difficult times.

 Please support them!

Viking corners assembly
Viking and Dragon corner assembly
Sculpted Viking Topper


Cup Holders and expandable cup inserts:

As you know this has been a very difficult situation when we lost our vendor.   Thankfully, we found a partner in Wisconsin to work with. I believe this ultimately will work out for good as we have now developed and improved our products. I'm thrilled with them and I think you know the standard I expect. It has taken more time than i expected to refine the end product and finish, but we got there.

 I think you will love these new collapsible cup holders. So easy to carry now and accommodates large water bottles, coffee cups and cans.

Proofs are done and P.O. is underway in production as you read this.

Dice Tower Accessories & Poker Chip Holders:

I am in love with these parts. I think you will like them. We have made some upgrades and improvements.

We have enlarged the dice accessory tray so the wells are bigger to hold more items and incorporated a privacy screen channel so we can produce privacy screens in the future that simply fit in the channels. These can be many different kind of themes we  can come up with.

We also improved the poker chip tray to not only attach on the rail with the rail leg kits, but also plug into our rail system. So cool!!! I love it!

Note: Viking Dice Towers

As discussed in our last update, we do a have a problem with the viking dice tower. We found out the Viking Dice Tower was not designed in a way that could be mold injected like I was led to believe. I spent many days working with the new engineers to see what could be done.  It was very illuminating. The good was it allowed us to innovate and develop the new castle tower and improved dice accessory tray that allows the tower to sit in the tray easily and securely. This was not the case with the viking version. It's very complicated.  The mold to make this the way it was designed with all the back cuts would have been prohibitive and undo-able. The mold alone would be $40,000 with all the back cuts. It was very frustrating to learn this.

The long and short of it is... if you pledge for a Viking tower we are automatically exchanging to the new castle tower and we also putting in a $30.00 Game Topper credit accommodation  in your account to redeem on anything else you wish. Just email us at and well help you with that.

Mat Racks:

As many of you recall the first prototypes of the JJ Burkton and the Lord Burkton were of EPVC material. This proved to work fine, but felt a bit flimsy to me. My manufacture referred me to a company that does an innovative powder-coat 3/4" MDF wood process. This proved also to be an huge improvement in look and design. The new powder coat finish is amazing!!! We were able to improve the assembly by making a "cam driven" system. Easy to assemble, and much stronger and more sturdy. I think they are fantastic and proud to have our name on them! Josiah and I have just made instructional sheet and a how to video I'm editing right now. 

We have included a new how to assemble page on our website so you will be able to reference assembly instructions easily.  Mat Storage Rack videos should be done soon.

Lord Burkton 6 hole unit parts laid out for instructional videos
4 hole J.J. Burkton parts laid out for instructional video

I know everyone knows that this Covid-19 situation has disrupted life. For us as well. Overall we were doing so well. Many people received their toppers way ahead of schedule, but sadly some did not. Other than your personal well being, nothing would make me happier that to get all these great gaming upgrades into your hands! We will do it, you have my commitment on that. We continue to give it our all!

My son Josiah, has done an amazing job. I am very proud of him and I know many of you have been the beneficiaries of his thoughtful care. Thank you for your continued support and kind understanding as we push forward.  We never really lose unless we give up. Stay in the fight everyone! Better days are ahead and we will be alright.

As always, please feel free to contact us at or


Stay well.

Burky and team.

Some personal fun and faces behind the scenes. I haven't been home in three years for Father's Day due to The Origins convention. I haven't had as much time to play games  in the last couple years as business consumes most of my time, but we got to play one of may favorite games Nothing Personal and we played some poker on the Texas Holdem mat and yes we used the poker chip trays!

Nothing Personal and The Tom Vaselini card did come out!
We love Texas Holdem! Chris and Hannah, Jack and Matti, Josiah and Sarah, and Gabby

Even more exciting news, 

Josiah got engaged to his Lovely bride to be Sarah. Congratulations!!! 

Josiah and Sarah getting married next year