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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Happy Holidays & Mat Shipping Update from Game Toppers 12-24-19
24 days ago – Tue, Dec 24, 2019 at 11:56:26 PM

Merry Christmas and best wishes for this Holiday Season to you and your families.

I cannot express how grateful I am for each of you and the overwhelming support! Together we really are doing something special. Thank you!

We have been working non stop at Game Toppers Headquarters. I can count the days off I have had on one hand in the last 5 months. It's all good, but just not enough of me to go around sometimes. We are so excited to get these great gaming upgrades into your hands!

Personal update:

If you haven't heard, my two oldest Daughters Hannah (who does my graphics) and Matti had babies within 10 days of each other right before BGG Con. They are  healthy babies and both moms are doing well! We are very thankful.

Charles John and Felicity Joan

What have we have been up to?:

Since Gen con we have been working none stop on our fulfillment center and with production orders of Game Topper Product. We have a complete  manufacturing schedule of Topper product that we updated everyone on Nov 11th. It is a long detailed update of our estimates, but long and short of it we basically on track. See prior update.

We will keep you updated as I have additional information or any changes.

1. We added a 52 ft x 20 ft concrete apron to our 5000 Sq ft building and added a loading dock. We also have been securing all the Pallet Racks and preparing the pick room for fulfillment. We purchased a lift. Oh MY!!!! These are not cheap, but pretty cool! Plus we insulated the walls and installed overhead fans and Led lighting.

New lift and loading dock

2. We have been working quite a lot of hours on our packaging solutions. They are very high end solutions that are quite complex when you factor the amount of products we have offered. This has been taking a lot of time.

3. We traveled to Dallas Texas and did BGG Con, drove home two days and spent three days for Thanksgiving with family and the drove 2.5 days to Philly for Pax Unplugged, (It was so great seeing so many of you!) Drove home 2 days and immediately started to dig out of a 9 day pile of emails. 

4. Then our first of 3, 45 ft High containers of Mats and Storage bags arrived. This was no small task unloading as they do not palatalize them for space efficiency. This is a $5500.00 shipping expense so they maximize space. 

It took the three of us 3.5 hours to unload 20,000 lbs of Game mats. Guess what job I did?  Wow!!! Listen I'm too old for that. lol.

"Mat Only Pledge" Shipment Update:

The last week we have done receiving verification and inventoried all product and set up the pick room. Josiah has spent a good part of last week managing the "MAT ONLY PLEDGE" segments as well as "Mat Storage Bag" only pledges. He spent All Day Sunday printing the shipping labels and tracking for almost 500 orders. It went very well. We started pulling orders Monday and by the end of work day Christmas eve (we are shutting down early at 2pm) we will have 3/4 ready for shipment.

Product ready for Shipment day one

As hard as we tried, we just could not get that large of an order done before Christmas. It looks good that we should have everything ready for the scheduled pick up and shipment Thursday and then it will take 3-5 days to shipping depending on where you live. So most should get to you close to the end of the year.

Note: International "MAT ONLY PLEDGES" will ship by container to our fulfillment centers in Late March/April to combine mat and topper shipments to offer the lower shipping rates achieved.

If you do not receive a tracking notification (Please note it will be the email used on the Kickstarter) or if you do not receive your order by the first week of 2020, Please email us at Please give that much time so we do not get flooded with emails. That just bogged us down unnecessarily. We do want to make sure that your product does arrive and everything is correct. So after that time please do contact us.

Affiliate Pledges:

I must apologize as this update for affiliates is overdue. The tyranny of the urgent has happened to me. Everything on the production side of things is very well and basically on track. We have a pre-production amount of product earmarked for you and will be ready to ship soon. The biggest problem with me getting this update done, other than the work load you see I have been under is, that i just received my sample swatches of 16 styles of game mats that need some art work done to present the Kiosk's we are working on. This shipment arrived a bit later than we hoped and it has taken us some time to sort.

 In addition, with the birth of my grandson Charles, We have not been able to finish the brochures, booklets that I want to present our program with quality. Hannah is doing well, but it has been a challenge with 2 toddlers and a new born that hasn't been sleeping at night. she will resume helping me after the 1st of the year. We are a small family business and just don't have the staffing resources of a larger company yet.  It's all excuses, they are honest, but an I must say I am very sorry. I had every intention of it being done with this affiliate update by now. I will continue to put it as an priority in the next two weeks.

With the 2 holidays upon us I expect to be able to create a reasonable update to inform all affiliates of how to take advantage of all savings and resell opportunities by the Jan 10th.

Many of you have reached out me at and I would encourage you to do so. I can easily take phone calls to inform you of the process and start working on your store set.

Lastly, The Secret Cabal Kickstarter Mats have arrived and look amazing! They will be shipping out right after New Years!

Again, thank you all so kindly for your amazing support and encouragement!!! 

All our best! Burky and Team!

The whole Family celebrating New Years eve early.

Game Toppers 2.0 Delivery Update
2 months ago – Tue, Nov 12, 2019 at 01:55:09 AM

Greetings Game Topper Nation!!

Wow!!! What a whirlwind of activity. We are so excited about what is going on with Game Toppers and so thankful for all your support! We can’t wait to get this great gaming upgrade into your hands!!!!

We just got back from Essen Germany and the Spiel Fair. I’ll just say it was great! Europeans love our Game Toppers quality, functionality, and components! Our premium game mats were a big hit too. This will be a great emerging market for us…and the food was great!

Father and son working the booth

My sincere apologies for this update being tardy; we have been working almost non-stop and I have been focusing on priorities of production and upcoming conventions. Part of what keeps Game Toppers viable is long term planning and exposure. Social media, marketing, and conventions are a big part of that and cannot be neglected. Everything is hitting us pretty hard right now with Essen, BGG Con, and PAX Unplugged all happening so close together.  It simply is a massive task that we are managing.

The hardest part of managing something of this scale is that there are so many moving parts. Communication from my 3rd party sources is never as timely as I would like to relay good info. It’s one of my biggest stressors. That said, most areas are going very well and are ahead of schedule, though there are a few items that are still fluid as we are waiting on suppliers for delivery timelines and a couple of items that we are slightly delayed on. (Timelines below) Overall, I’m very pleased with the progress.

Time line Update:

Affiliate pledges:

An update will be sent via a separate email in the next couple of days so we can clearly communicate the program and get affiliates retail stores set up to receive your orders. I had been waiting on aluminum timelines before I could make any real projections needed for this to take place. We are good on that front now.


We are a bit behind on our projection of our first wave container of mats. This is why and includes our new anticipated schedule.

Our first containers of mats are expected to arrive on our dock Dec 17th. It is scheduled to hit the port  Dec 12th. It was scheduled for Dec 3rd, then we found out our Vancouver connection would be problematic as the Canadian Rail Union is about to go on strike and we made a decision to change the shipment to Washington State railyard at a higher cost. This delayed us about 10 days, but having our container possibly held up for months in Canada was not a risk I was willing to take.

Also, due to the amount of sizes and styles we unlocked, and the amount of mat storage bags we had to have made, this took our manufacture much longer to produce and manage the delivery than anticipated. We have a bunch of quality control check lists, like letting the mats sit for 7 days before we cut them so we can ensure good tolerances to avoid shrinkage. We submitted 162 line item sku’s not including bags!!!! WOW! None the less, it just took more time. I was insistent that quality was of the utmost importance. I must say this manufacture is one of my most trusted vendors and generally exceeds my expectations, but just due to the scale of the order and the storage bags accompanying it took a bit longer to insure quality. There is no cause for alarm, all is well. I have received samples and they are simply gorgeous!!! We will have all shipping labels ready to go for DOMESTIC MAT ONLY pledges and as soon as the container arrives we will ship. We think we can do all of them in 3 days.

It’s very tight for Christmas delivery. We are cautiously optimistic that many of you will receive them by Christmas, if not very shortly thereafter.

INTERNATIONAL MAT ONLY PLEDGES will be delivered with our containers to Germany and Australia to save on the shipping cost we quoted during the campaign. (See timelines below)

Toppers Delivery:

I’m pleased to say at this point most everything is ahead of Schedule! I’ll explain what I mean by “most”. I could have just said, we are close to our expected shipping times, but I wanted to give you a more detailed thoughtful answer. This is very complicated due to many factors like production schedule of aluminum and powder coating, ordering of other parts and custom cutting, and our packaging solutions which is just now forthcoming. We have been working diligently on all these items since the KS ended.  This is not an exact science and delays can happen, but as of today this is our updated schedule.

1. Standard Aluminum has arrived at my manufacturing facility in Fergus Falls. Parts have arrived for assembly of all models, and my purchase orders are scheduled in a detailed manufacturing schedule.

First partial shipment of powder coated standard aluminum arrived more in transit.
Floor material ready for C N C cutting
HDPE corners getting routed and being prepared for cutting
Cutting jig to make 4 corners

2. LUX aluminum will be arriving in 20 days or so. Wood components are already here. Sculpted Dragon and Viking Parts are on their way to Dogmight Games shortly for custom sculpting and finishing.

3. SAMPLE Game Topper and Leaf storage bags have arrived (just after Essen) and have been approved. They are awesome!!! New improved shoulder strap design.

Moriarty bag with new strap design that is support under the entire bag for extra durability and comfort

Please Note: Game Toppers Storage Bags are scheduled to Arrive Feb 1st. Our packaging and shipping solution includes shipping the toppers in the storage bag for extra protection and cost savings.


This is a very thoughtful engineering process for each model and product specs. We are working with two major packaging companies to help improve upon what we had already produced on KS 1.0. It’s a very complicated set of variables for each shipping solution so I won’t bore you with these details, but we are sparing no expense to create a highly durable package that can handle some of the most rigorous delivery methods to insure a good experience for you.

Mycroft pattern of shipping. Larger foam corners to fit around the Moriarty and leaf extension will be included.
Heavy duty double wall corrugate with extra pad to surround product.

Current Schedule:(Most items are ahead of schedule, some are on time, and a few slightly behind) Please note: Domestic orders will go out first, so we can move them through our fulfilment center quickly, making room for the next segment. All Toppers models need to be manufactured before we can custom pull all international orders and fill the containers for EU and Australian fulfillment.

Dec 31st 2019

1. Delivery of Accessory Rails, Leaf Kits, Acrylic Covers, Mat Racks, and HDPE components expected to arrive in our fulfillment center in Fergus Falls by the end of Dec. (Most of this product will be packaged during this time and awaiting storage bags for shipment with orders scheduled below.)

2. All domestic mat only pledges shipped mid Dec.

3. We receive first partial segment of Standard Adler and Holmes Toppers for Affiliates and Jan delivery for orders without storage bags.

Jan 1st – Jan 31st 2020 (about 2 months early)

1. Standard Adler Toppers without storage bags shipped.

2. Standard Holmes Toppers without storage bags shipped.

3. Standard Watson Toppers arrive at our fulfillment center in Fergus Falls mid Jan and Standard Watson Toppers without storage bags ship.

Feb 1st – Feb 28th 2020 (About 1 month early)

1. Game Topper Storage bags and Leaf storage Bags arrive for needed for all packages IE: Scotland Yard, Bakerstreet, and Riechenbach Falls Pledges.

2. Feb 3rd Mycroft and Moriarty Toppers arrive at fulfillment center.

3. Feb 10th Second container of gaming mats arrive for additional fulfillment needs.

4. Feb 10th – Feb 15th Mycroft and Moriarty Toppers ship.

5. Feb 10th Lux Natural Oak and Premium Walnut Holmes and Watson models arrive at fulfilment center.

6. Feb 17th – March 9th Scotland Yard Packages in all three styles standard, Lux Oak and Premium Walnut start shipping.

Note:We expect these segments to take 3-4 weeks to process. Shipping individual pledges varies depending on the distance and can take up to 10 days. Generally less than 5 days.

March 15th

1. March 2nd Start packaging and pulling Canadian shipment.

2. March 9th Canadian shipment sent to Snakes and Lattes for intra-Canada shipping.

3. March 9th Start packaging European orders.

4. March 16th Ship container to Germany for intra-Europe shipping. At this time this includes UK deliveries. This will take approx. 5 weeks water transport. So European shipments will go out around end of April.

5. March 16th Australia, New Zealand, and remote shipment orders pulled.

6. March 23rd Australian Container Shipped. Shipping to backers at the end of April

April 1st:

1. Clean up any unresolved shipments.

2. Overstock Toppers of all varieties will be delivered to our fulfillment center.


1. I have not received the new collapsible cup holder samples yet. The mold making process was very complex and has taken Ben from Daedalus more time than expected to get these to me. He has worked very hard on this project for us all.  I have been told that the injection date has been set for the next couple of weeks and should have samples to approve soon. Once these samples are approved the injection molding process is very quick and shouldn’t provide a problem for our fulfillment timelines. I will keep you updates as I learn more on this.

2. Injection molded Dice Towers and accessory trays are in line for molds to be completed. More to come as I have more timelines on those. Our energies have been focused on the cup holders.

Our Fulfilment Center:

I haven’t talked a lot about this, but last year I bought a building in our home town so that we could manage our own fulfillment rather than relying on a third party. We have been doing our own fulfillment since last Feb out of this location. It has gone wonderfully! We have also done a ton of work on the building in preparation for all of the upcoming fulfillment! We just put in a loading dock and a cement apron on the front of the building and now we are prepping all of the pallet racking and organizing the pick area. Yeah crazy busy!!! I'll send more pics later in an update. Here are a couple of fun ones.

New loading dock and platform ready to receive all the goodies!
Our new big Joe Stacker. (not so little price tag)
128 inch high stacking with up to 3000lbs capacity


As you can see, this is a massive undertaking requiring a lot of diligence and hard work to accomplish. Josiah and I have put in hundreds of hours to get to this point and our hard work is paying off.  I have good partners in this venture. I wish I could control everything in life, but we all know that is an illusion. What we can control is how we treat each other and what we do to honor our word. I always want to treat each one of you with the greatest respect and be as open and transparent with you as possible. Overall, I am really happy with the outcome of everything so far, with the exception of the mats taking a little longer than I hoped to get here and the delays on getting our sample accessories in time to show off at shows. Sometimes the greatest of all virtues must be employed…patience. I'm not great at that one. What I can assure you all is that I do not take lightly our commitment to delivering you the best product I can make and will continue to do my best to keep you up to date as I am able. I am so grateful for your support! If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to reach me or Josiah directly by phone or email and we will do our normal quick response we are known for.

Thank you for being the best backers ever!!

All our best!

Burky and Josiah

Fantasy Mat Verdict, Late pledges, and production update 9-16-18.
4 months ago – Mon, Sep 16, 2019 at 11:38:01 PM

Greetings Game Topper Nation,

We had a fun celebration time with Kay King, Andy Nelson and Josiah. If you want to view it 

Late Pledges: Josiah and I have been working  very hard on all fulfillment production orders. Wow! You'll never know how much work it is to offer this many awesome choices! Everything is look very good! Accessories are ordered, mats are being prepared for printing and aluminum QC'ed. Checked for approval of production run. Due to the work, we have not had a chance to change any of the prices or remove some stretch goals as previously communicated. 

LAST CALL on current LATE PLEDGE pricing: We plan on implementing that change Next Monday if all goes well. So if you have any friends that still want to get in on all the 40 unlocked stretch goals and great prices tell them now. 

Fantasy Mat Verdict:

We had some exciting feedback and it was so great to hear from so many of you!

Due to overwhelming response to our poll, and emails we received, the Fantasy Mat will be produced without grids unless a backer specifically makes a request of us via email at

There were so few that wanted it.
We did however produce a very small quantity of gridded versions in the Watson in the Holmes to make sure we did not disappoint anyone that backed specifically because of the grid version.

Looking backwards, I perhaps should have made sure we had completed art before we made the offering. I thought it was a good idea to bring everyone along the process, but given the difficulty of making a grid look natural it seems pretty obvious that the non-grid version is much preferred, and honestly, I think it looks fantastic.

Note: We had Yaroslav make a slight adjustment by blending the white snow field at the bottom of the mountains upward a bit so it was so drastic. I think it made that a more pleasing aesthetic too.

This thing is going to be very popular. Thank you for your understanding!

without grids
With Grids

As always please do let us know if there is anything you need help with at!


P.S. If you have an outgoing personality and have some desire to help demo Game Toppers at trade shows this year, we could use some help in our booth. We can trade product and badges for service given, Shows this year we need help at are; Essen, Germany OCT 24-27th, BGGCON Dallas, Texas November 21st -24th, Pax Unplugged Philadelphia, PA Dec 5th-8th. Please email be at for an appointment.

Live YouTube Celebration and Fantasy Mat Art update 9-5-19
4 months ago – Fri, Sep 06, 2019 at 01:46:23 AM

Greetings Game Topper Nation!


Live YouTube Celebration

This Friday night 7 PM CDT we will be doing our live  Stretch Goal Champagne & Ratafia "Celebration".

We have a couple stories about how this came about, We will talk about some accomplishments and some fun KS facts about the campaign. Do you know what was the most popular mat design?

Fantasy Mat:

Speaking of mats, I have been getting a lot of feed back about the fantasy mat. Everyone knew this was a late addition and I choose to let everyone in on the design process. The vision for this mat was to include subtle artistic 1 inch grids. I have been getting a lot of wonderful feedback, and honestly in my gut (and I have plenty to go around) I started feeling that it will be much better without grids and have greater wide scale appeal. I do not want to let anyone down and it is of utmost importance to me to honor my word.

So I need your help. I put up a poll on our Game Topper Nation Facebook Group (Please join if you haven't already) asking advise. So far it is overwhelmingly against having the grid 49 to 2. I looks like my intuition is correct but i would like any backer that has chosen the fantasy mat to chime in. Simply go to the group and click for or against. Very simple. This will help me make a final decision that needs to be made this week.

Click image to answer poll and join Game Topper Nation Facebook Group

Here are the two art choices at this point.

Non Grid:

Without Grid

With Grid:

with subtle grid

If we decide to change the art direction to "No Grid" will you have a chance to change your order?

The answer is yes, if you email us at we can work that out for you. The system will not allow you to make a changes to a locked order, but we can make the manual adjustment for you up to the November fulfillment time for "Mat Only Pledges" and the March delivery time for "Topper" Pledges. We are hoping to deliver early if all goes well so please let us know as soon as possible!

International Orders:

All international Orders have been gone through individually to insure correct shipping was calculated. The credit card charges are being processed for Add-ons, Shipping, & VAT.  These Charges come from Stripe the credit card processor of Backerkit and Kickstarter. It is common especially for international charges to get flagged for Fraud so please make sure you contact you credit card to approve these charges if you get a notice. 

As always we look forward to serving you. If you have any question please let us know at

Hope to see you at the celebration Friday Night. Thanks so much!!!! 


Orders have been Locked and Fantasy Mat Update
5 months ago – Tue, Aug 27, 2019 at 06:30:56 PM

Hello Game Topper Nation!

Thank you all so much for your support throughout the campaign and through our first month of Late Pledges! We couldn't have done this without all of your help!

Locked down orders and Credit Card charges.

We have locked all orders last weekend and are working through processing those orders as we speak. United States orders will be charged sometime today, while International orders will be charged early next week. It's takes a bit of time for us to go through and verify that everything looks good and we will be spending some time with family camping later this week so that is the reason for the delay in charging the International orders. Any emails from Thursday to Sunday responses will be handled on next Monday. 

If there is a concern please, please understand we will take care of you next week, even if your card has been charged and you have a concern just drop us an email and we will help you.

One thing I'm sure you all know about us by now is that we really value the interactions with our Backers and we strive to provide the best level of customer service that we can. The best way to reach us with questions regarding your orders is by emailing

Fantasy Mat

And here we have another update from the fantastic Yaroslav of his Fantasy mat. A few more details are coming and the 1 inch grid. this is not going to be an overlay but an artistic grid built in to the terrain so it is subtle and not be overly distracting, but can be used as role playing surface. This is our intention for this run. We may offer a non grid on our next campaign, we'll see! So far the response has been crazy strong on this design.

This is nearing completion at this point. We have been so excited by this mat and our other new designs. It is great to see the artwork come to life and to be able to share that process with all of you!

Thank you all again so very much and we'll be in touch with more updates as the project progresses!

Burky and Josiah